Current Projects

Pre-matriculation Factors

What student and family factors predict success in college? What characteristics and qualities of high schools are associated with college student success?

Campus Programs

How do campus programs such as the Honors College and Summer College promote student success in college?

Noncognitive Factors

What noncognitive factors predict college student success? Are there profiles of students that are more or less successful in college? How can interventions focused on academic mindset increase the likelihood of retention and graduation in college?

Transition Coaching

How can we work with external transition coaches to improve student success at UIC? If we provide coordinated support to transition coaching programs, will this increase their effectiveness? Are there characteristics and qualities of students that are more or less likely to benefit from having a transition coach?

First Year Transformation

Early Alerts Expansion

Questions: Which indicators represent students most at risk of not matriculating beyond the first year? What additions can be made in UIC’s early alerts system to positively affect student retention and completion rates?

First-Year Seminar Expansion

Questions: To what degree do current first-year seminars at UIC utilize best-practice curricula? How effective has UIC been in increasing the proportion of students in first-year seminars?

Noncognitive Student Profile Tool

Questions: Which noncognitive skills assessed pre-matriculation are the best predictors of student success at UIC? At which point should advisors intervene? How can we build a student noncognitive profile tool for advisors to integrate the research findings into their advising practices?

Exit Study

Why do students fail to persist to the second year at UIC?